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We help you communicate your science in language that is 

compelling, elegant, precise, and accurate. 

About Us


We deliver cost-effective coaching, editing, and writing for your:

  • research articles
  • fellowship proposals
  • grant proposals
  • oral presentations
  • media appearances
  • thesis
  • books
  • textbooks

Our expertise

We have research, educational, writing, and editing experience in the Biological, Physical, and Chemical Sciences, including:

  • applied and theoretical physics
  • biochemistry
  • biophysics
  • cell biology
  • computational biology
  • genetics/genomics
  • materials
  • medicine
  • microbiology
  • molecular biology
  • omics/systems biology

Our approach

We offer tailored solutions for individuals and teams, such as:

  • crafting a narrative
  • editing manuscripts & proposals
  • creating visuals
  • developmental editing
  • training in writing proposals & manuscripts
  • coaching for presentations
  • project management

What we do

Direct editing of manuscripts

At the simplest level, we provide copyediting services, such as English grammar, style, and conformance to target journal (or audience) guidelines. 

More advanced analysis is available, from detailed editorial commentary on narrative style and clarity, to pre-review of the manuscript in the style of peer-reviewed publications.

Our competitive pricing is arranged by the hour or by the word, to give you the most cost-effective experience. We'll provide you with an estimate—just ask!

Our tools

Editing is performed using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, or LaTeX with TrackChanges or other collaborative websites. 

Have another tool that you like? Let us know!

Training and coaching

We are committed to providing rising scientists with the skills to communicate their results to the wider community.

One-on-one sessions over the course of a project provide tailored coaching. 

Workshops for 2-15 participants provide active learning environments for small cohorts of scientists-in-training drafting primary research manuscripts, grants proposals, or fellowship applications. Your team will come away with resources and a roadmap to success.

Project managment

We support authors and other team members at every stage in the complex process of bringing a large work (like a book) to publication.

We can help with pedagogical design, narrative management, copyediting, illustrations (Adobe Illustrator), mathematics (MathType, LaTeX, MatLab, R), code (perl, awk, java), version management (Dropbox, Git), permissions, marketing research, and coordination of authors, illustrators, and publishing staff. 

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Bayana Science

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